I’m especially interested to see how this poll will shape up. On the one hand, burgundy is the colour of the season, but on the other hand shades of purple are extremely popular. Furthermore, although I personally don’t wear the combination, I do like burgundy mixed with purple. 

I love burgundy on others, but it isn’t a colour that I wear myself. I have a new orange, lilac and navy pullover with a small burgundy stripe and that’s it for my wardrobe. Unless I can wear burgundy WITH bright tomato red or citron in a pattern, I will not be adding it to my wardrobe. Not even as an accessory. 

I don’t wear a lot of purple because I prefer red, coral, pink and orange. But I do adore my two purple pullovers so that puts me firmly onto Team Purple.

Over to you. Are you Team Burgundy or Team Purple? Tell us why and no batting for both teams.