We’ve been enjoying blissful September Seattle weather. Mild and sunny during the day, crisp and cool in the mornings and evenings. That’s why downtown Seattle evening life has been bustling as locals make the most of it before the rain sets in. 

Greg snapped these photos just before we met friends for supper at the Umi Sake House in Belltown. I needed a cheerful outfit to match the great weather and my happy Japanese-food-eating mood. This skirt makes me happy for a myriad of reasons, so that was a no-brainer. It was also nice to wear it one more time before it hibernates for Autumn and Winter. I LOVE the way soft full skirts swish, float and move as you stride. It feels romantic, ladylike and carefree, all of which adds to my good mood. 

I usually wear my skirts with one of my wardrobe essentials: A tucked button down shirt, a camisole with half buttoned up denim jacket, or a turtleneck either tucked or untucked. Of course, I also pair my skirts with blouses, statement shirts,  knitwear, and jackets, but generally prefer a wardrobe essential because the combination is easy, minimal and simple. In this way I never have an orphaned skirt.

I’ve had this lightweight, gauzy, neon pink silk turtleneck for years and, quite coincidentally, it matches the skirt. Now and in Spring is the perfect time to wear it because it isn’t that warm. The rolled collar and hem give it a casual vibe and appropriately dress down the skirt. Scrunching the sleeves relaxes the look even further.

I finished off the outfit with low heeled orange animal print pumps to pick up the orange in the skirt and to throw in some pattern mixing. And my neon and cognac clutch just because I’ve fallen in love with neon yellow matched with neon pink all over again. For me, those are fun early ’80s flashbacks. No jewelry apart from wedding ring, watch and specs. 

This is a very, very bright outfit. Too bright for some, and my apologies for hurting your eyeballs. But I do love my brights and feel as comfortable wearing them from head to toe as I do wearing a more subtle, neutral outfit. As long as the outfits in both colour spectrums are simple, minimal, modern and crisp, they both feel at home in my style persona.