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Towards the end of last year I posted about the pairing of sequins with plaid and the reaction was mixed. Some found the extreme mixture of dressy and casual components very jarring, while others liked the vibe. I find the clash so over the top that it’s harmonious – much like when crazy patterns are mixed together and they just work. To my eye, the juxtaposition is interesting, fashion forward and fun, so when eBay asked me to create an ensemble from a collection of items that included a sequin top and some short biker booties, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. 

Consider this outfit formula an updated version of the Levis 501, flannel shirt and Dr. Martens or cowboy boots outfit that you wore in the early ’90s. That was my weekend look back then, only I added a rugged belt and tucked in lace shell top under the open lumberjack shirt for a bit of pretty. 

Here are the components of the formula:

  • Glitzy Top: I’ve chosen a neutral sequin top, but a glittery solid tank or knitted top with a bit of sparkle will work equally well. 
  • Plaid Shirt: I’ve chosen two types of plaid shirt that complement the sequin top. A classic tartan and a more sedate gingham, both of which are denim friendly. If plaid is not your thing, or you can’t get your head around mixing casual checks with glitz, try a denim shirt instead. Leave the shirt open like a jacket, or button it up for more structure, making sure that the glitz shines through. 
  • Casual Bottoms: You have many options. From regular blue jeans, denim shorts, denim skirts and boyfriend jeans, to black jeans, grey jeans, burgundy jeans or black ponte knit pants. Tapered jeans are best for tucking into tough boots to showcase their detailing. But bootcuts are stellar if you don’t mind covering up your boots. Just in case the casual bottoms are not making sense to your eye, I’ve also added a black pencil skirt. 
  • Tough Boots: I’ve chosen short, flat black biker-inspired boots because short boots and booties or more on-trend than tall boots at the moment. But tall boots, heeled or flat, are a good substitute if that’s your preference. 
  • Clutch or Tote: I see an oversized clutch or casual tote with this ensemble more than any other handbag. The clutch is the modern, on-trend option, but the tote is the more practical and predictable one. Keep the bag solid, or add in a pattern for a pattern mixed effect. 

Add jewelry as desired. Throw on some arm candy or a cocktail ring. Add earrings. Or leave it at a watch and eyewear.

The two eBay items in this ensemble are the Alice & Olivia sequin shirt and the Belle by Sigerson motor cycle boots. Note that the links on these items go to eBay product searches and not the individual products.

As with all the formulas, I sow the seed of an idea. The next step is to substitute the items so that they are more to your taste and in line with your style persona. Wear burgundy, brown or taupe boots instead of black boots. Wear a crossbody bag. Try slouchy trousers instead of jeans. Create a lower colour contrast between all the outfit components. Wear lace instead of sequins. 

I’d wear the denim shirt over the sequin top with the black pencil skirt or black skinnies, and the short biker booties. Or I’d create a column of colour with the boyfriend jeans, tuck in the shirt, and add an animal print belt. Last November I was thinking that my lumberjack shirt wearing days were over, but I do still LOVE plaid and I adore the juxtaposition of casual plaid with glitz, so I think that was a bit hasty. It boils down to finding the right plaid shirt to pull together this combination. I’ll keep you posted on my plaid shirt shopping.