You are on Team Fitted Knitwear if you prefer to wear pullovers and cardigans that are tailored. They fit the contour of your body thereby defining your waistline and showcasing your shape. You are on Team Boxy knitwear if you prefer to wear pullovers and cardigans that surrender the waistline, do not showcase your shape, and are roomy all over. Boxy knitwear silhouettes are particularly on trend at the moment. Empire cut knitwear falls into the boxy category.

Classic fitted black turtlenecks are part of my signature style and an indispensable wardrobe essential. Almost all my bottoms work with a fitted black turtleneck. There are few items that I like more than a simple, sleek black turtleneck! I wear fitted turtlenecks in colours and patterns, and I wear fitted crew neck pullovers. That said, I’ve also acquired an assortment of trendy boxy pullovers, some with high-low hemlines, some with banded hems, and some A-line. As modern as those styles feel right now, they also make me think fondly of the retro ’80s when we wore oversized knitwear until the cows came home. I love it! 

I’m back on the bench this week with hot cocoa and shortbread because the rules do not allow us to bat for both teams. Over to you. Are you on Team Fitted or Team Boxy Knitwear?