You know you’re really scissor happy when you attack your husband’s side of the closet with a sharp pair of fabric scissors. Well, I’m thrilled to report that my scissor happy behaviour yielded great results. 

I recently saw a cool dude walking downtown in a pair of cut-off denim jeans. I told Greg about the look and asked whether I could hack a pair of his old jeans to re-create it. Greg eventually said okay as long as they were a really old pair. 

So out came the scissors and a pair of old, slightly bootcut jeans. I hacked off the hems so that they finished an inch or two below the knee. Greg tried them on and loved them, frays and all. He has worn his new cut offs all weekend because they are extra comfy and a nice change from his other shorts. He wears them with a slim fitting tee and Converse sneakers. I love it! 

I’m still feeling scissor happy, so I’m thinking about giving some of Greg’s other old jeans the same treatment. Whether my sweetie agrees to this is another story.