You are on Team Hunt if you enjoy the hunt for the perfect wardrobe item as much or more than actually wearing it. The process of searching for items, the actual shopping experience, finding a bargain, stalking the item until it’s been marked down, or discovering an exclusive hidden gem, can be as enjoyable as sporting your new treasure. You are on Team Wear if the very best part about the item is wearing it and feeling fabulous while doing so. 

This is an easy one for me. As much as I love the shopping process, NOTHING about the hunt can compare to the enjoyment that I gain from wearing the item. It’s not even close. I can’t wait to wear my new stuff, and will wear an item straight out of the shop, the same evening, or the next day if it’s weather and occasion appropriate. If the process by which the item was acquired is particularly meaningful or sentimental, it will merely make wearing the item extra special. I am Team Wear all the way.

Over to you. Are you Team Hunt or Team Wear? Remember that you are on Team Hunt if you enjoy the process of acquiring wardrobe items as much as wearing them. No batting for both sides.