You are on Team Fitted Summer Top if you prefer to wear tailored tops that define the waistline during the Summer months. You are on Team Loose Summer Top if you prefer to wear baggier tops that surrender the waistline. Empire cuts that are roomy on the torso are loose Summer tops. 

I wear both fitted and voluminous tops in the warmer months, although most of my fitted tops aren’t all that fitted, many of them only hinting at my waistline. I sometimes tuck in my voluminous tops to give them more structure. Or I layer over a tailored blazer for extra polish. 

I wear loose shirts and blouses more frequently in the Spring and Summer months, so I’m on Team Loose Summer Top. I love that easy slouchy vibe of soft, boxy tops with scrunched sleeves and a popped collar. My silhouettes are more waist defining in the Autumn and Winter, so I’ll be switching teams at the end of September. 

Over to you. Are you Team Fitted or Team Loose Summer Top? Tell us why, and no batting for both teams.