Items or head-to-toe looks that particularly tickle our fancy during a fashion season are often called, for lack of a better expression, our current fashion obsessions. Sometimes our obsessions are expected, like sandals if you love to expose your feet, or handbags if you’re a bag lady. And sometimes we obsess about something completely unexpected, like a new colour, pattern, accessory, clothing silhouette or fashion persona. I’m sure this sounds familiar. 

My current fashion obsessions are both expected and unexpected. Handbags are my thing so I’m always lusting after new bag vibes. Masculine button down shirts, and light or white footwear are pretty much my thing too, so my obsession for them isn’t surprising. Midi skirts and dresses rank high on my “always want” seasonal shopping list.

More unexpectedly, I’m currently obsessed with trousers and suits, in all colours, patterns, fabrications and silhouettes. If my budget were unlimited, I’d be adding all sorts of clean cut trouser suits to my wardrobe right now – in brights, white and patterns, with varied trouser shapes. I’d throw in a suit with long shorts too. I’d wear the suits as suits, and also mix and match the separates.

I just can’t get enough of any of these looks! What are your current fashion obsessions? Feel free to list as many items, head-to-toe-looks or fashion personas as you like.