I liked blinding neon back in the early ’80s and wore it from time to time. But when neon resurfaced in 2009, I gave it a thumbs down. Now that it’s back with a vengeance for 2012, I love neon more than ever before. 

I boil my change of heart down to three things. First, we were so starved of bright colours for several retail seasons that I find myself eating them ALL up while the going is good. Second, this time round neon has been integrated into fashion in a more wearable way. As a trim, accessory, or accent with neutrals. Third, today’s neon is not all as blindingly bright as it was a couple of years ago. Some retailers are showing neon with a pastel twist. 

I don’t own ’80s style neon that’s so bright you need to wear shades. But I do wear extremely bright citron (citrus + neon) wardrobe items that will pass for “today’s neon”. Citron is one of my favourite colours and wearing it makes me feel extra happy and energized for the day. 

I particularly like the way neon has been used to colour block neutral shoes and clothing this season. Neon trims and accents look modern, summery and cheerful when paired with a subdued beige or blush. I also love the idea of a small neon clutch because it’s a lively little parcel of energy.

I am a yay vote. Today’s neon, especially citron, in just the right shade, doses and wardrobe items looks fresh, crisp and just a little mouth watering. I particularly love it mixed with neutrals, used as a trim, or worn as one statement piece like a blazer, bag, skirt or blouse. 

Do you like today’s neon? Will you wear it? Or do you wish it would go away.

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