More and more items are being styled with functional side entry pockets these days. You can either stride with your hands in your pockets, or use them to hold a credit card, cash, phone, lipstick, tissues, keys, or the like. 

My trench coats, puffer coats, a few of my flared skirts, and some of my trousers have side entry pockets that comfortably allow my hands to slide in and stay put. As far as the coats go, striding with my hands in my pockets is a great way to keep them toasty and I often walk that way. But I’m also finding that I’m sliding my hands into the pockets of my skirts and trousers – just because it feels comfortable, and not because it’s cold.

When I was little I remember our teachers being very strict about hands in pockets. Does anyone still think this is impolite?