You are on Team Specs if you prefer to wear prescription eyewear as opposed to contact lenses. You are on Team Contacts if you prefer to wear contact lenses. If you wear “readers”, you are on Team Specs. You can still participate in this poll if you don’t wear prescription eyewear or contact lenses. Select the side that you think you would join if you had to choose between the two options. You might actually like the idea of wearing specs! Or absolutely loathe them and try to wear contact lenses from day one. 

Note that eyewear like sunglasses without prescriptive lenses do NOT count for this poll.

I tried contact lenses once about 15 years ago. It was an awful experience and I’ve never been motivated to try them again. I wear my specs every day, so much so that they have become an integral part of my style. I treat my assortment of specs like accessories, one of the few that I sport, and really enjoy wearing them. I also wear prescription sunglasses. I am Team Specs all the way. 

Are you on Team Specs or Team Contacts? Tell us why below, and no batting for both teams.

Speaking of specs, we recently met the co-founders of Rivet and Sway, a Seattle based start-up selling prescription eyewear online. They will be launching their new site in June and are currently recruiting people for an “invitation only” beta release. Sign up at if you’d like to help test their concept. We wish them the very best with their launch.