You are on Team Bracelet if you prefer to wear arm candy — be it bangles, bracelets or cuffs — more than rings. You are on Team Ring if you prefer to wear decorative rings, like oversized faux cocktail rings or rings made of real metals and precious stones, more than arm candy. Note: for this poll, watches do NOT count as arm candy, and wedding rings do NOT count as decorative rings. 

I very, very, occasionally wear bracelets and rings because my minimalistic style prefers to stay clear of jewelry and accessory extras. I stick to wearing an oversized watch and wedding ring daily and leave it at that. A few times a year, I’ll throw on a chunky bracelet or cocktail ring, both gold and bold vintage pieces from my late Mum. I seem to wear the ring a little more often than the bracelet, and also generally prefer rings to arm candy. I’m on Team Ring. 

Over to you. Are you on Team Bracelet or Team Ring. Tell us why and no batting for both teams.