The street style of the men in Japan is as fab and varied as that of the women, sporting vibes from traditional and modern classic, to trendy, fashion forward, edgy and outrageously over the top. Some wear very formal clothing, whereas others dress more casually — and there is everything in-between. Jeans are more prominent on the men in Japan than on the ladies. 

Three things about the way men dress instantly stood out for me. One, many, many men of all ages wear formal suits to work (usually black worn with white shirts and fairly monochromatic ties). Two, Japanese men make a strong statement with their hair. It’s often coloured, permed, long, layered and coiffed in interesting ways, full of hair product, and stylishly messy. Three, most men carry some sort of bag, be it a briefcase, laptop bag, backpack, crossbody bag or man bag. Carrying extra stuff in a bag, whether you are a lass or bloke, makes perfect sense in places like Japan where most people take public transport and commute on foot. 

Greg snapped pictures of some eye catching blokes sporting their everyday looks in Tokyo. The men in their dark suits is a particularly common visual on the streets of Japan, and especially in Akasaka Mitsuke, the business oriented area where we were staying.