We leave for Japan at the crack of dawn tomorrow and will be away for 10 days. Our very good friend Brian is having a formal wedding ceremony in Tokyo with his wonderful bride Tomoko, and we’re flying out to participate in the wedding festivities. You might remember meeting Brian when we visited him in Zurich and he made me wear Crocs.

We’ll first be spending time in Yokohama and Kyoto before heading out to Tokyo for the wedding. I am ready to see the cherry blossoms, admire Japanese architecture, eat the best sushi, soak up the incredible street fashion, catch up with friends, and shop! 

We’ll reduce the frequency of posts while we’re away, but there will be at least one a day. If things go really well we’ll put together some thoughts along the way. Failing that we’ll do a Japanese series when we return. Either way, we are VERY excited.