I’m late to this party. Fleece lined tights have been out for a while. I debuted a Plush pair a few days ago when it was below freezing and snowing all day. I wore them under a tight charcoal denim knee-length pencil skirt with 20 eyelet Dr. Martens, a black shirt, grey and red argyle pullover and black biker jacket. For outside, I finished off the look with long charcoal coat, gloves and cream beret. I was toasty all day. The fleece lined tights are extremely cozy, robust, warm and I can’t see them laddering.

I initially had reservations about the tights last year because their opaque effect is just not my thing. But I LOVE to feel warm, so I have found ways to make them work with my style. I will also be wearing them under my trousers like long underwear. 

I ordered a size up because, according to the reviews on Amazon, this was the right thing to do. Well, the size up is okay, but my regular size would have been better, so I think that they run true to size for me.

Have you tried fleece tights?