You are on Team Thong if thongs and g-strings are your preferred choice of undies. You are on Team Briefs if you prefer to wear undies like bikini briefs, full briefs, high-cut briefs or hipster briefs. You are on Team Boyshorts if boyshorts are your thing. 

I am 100% Team Boyshorts and don’t wear any other style of panty. I wear them fairly high-cut and enjoy the extra coverage. I also love their retro vibe and invisible panty lines. To my eye the style is flattering and alluring, and above all very comfortable. No panty plucking. I made the switch from bikini briefs about six years ago and have never looked back. I find thongs, even the so called “comfy” styles, extremely uncomfortable and have worn them only a handful of times. 

Over to you. Are you Team Thong, Team Briefs or Team Boyshorts?