Some wardrobe items look as stylish and hip today as they did when they first appeared on the fashion scene many decades ago. In particular, I’m thinking of “Chuck Taylor” Converse sneakers, Dr. Marten boots and Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. In my book, these items are true wardrobe classics because they have stood the test of time like few others. 

Of course, there is a much wider style assortment of these items today than there was back when they were originally introduced, and fabrications have improved and changed over time. But the original designs, the ones that launched these brands and took the world by storm, are still being manufactured and are still going strong in their ranges today. I find this phenomenally cool. The fact that all three items have unisex appeal just adds to their cool quotient.

All three of these designs really appeal to me personally, so I have had them in my wardrobe for some time. As important as the enjoyment I get from wearing them is my desire to support the continuation of their legacies. My hat off to their respective designers. So when I post my outfit pictures 50 years from now at age 91, don’t be surprised to see Wayfarers, Chucks and Docs in the ensemble mix. 

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