You are on Team Scent if you wear perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, or a scented body lotion fairly frequently because you enjoy a fabulous fragrance. You also enjoy smelling a scent on others. You are on Team No Scent if you virtually never wear any fragrance or scented body lotion, and you do not enjoy smelling it on others.  

I am very much on Team Scent. I have been wearing a few modest spritzes of eau de parfum “Kenzo Flower” daily for 15 years, that it has become part of my style. Even hubby says so, and thankfully he likes it. I do not wear any other fragrance and very seldom wear scented body lotion. Once I tried a different perfume just for the heck of it and Greg said: “What’s that smell!? That does not smell like you, and I don’t like it”. And that was that. 

I find fragrances so very sentimental, meaningful and memorable. There is nothing that instantly makes me think of my late Mum like the two perfumes that she wore daily throughout my life (Opium and First). I vividly remember snuggling up to her as a child and feeling very comforted by her familiar fragrance. I equated the aroma with feeling safe and loved. I also have friends who wear a particular fragrance and when I smell the familiar aroma, it makes me think fondly of them. Furthermore, I love citrus, vanilla and jasmine scented candles, and our home often smells this way. I am definitely a sucker for sweet smelling aromas, and consider myself fortunate that allergic reactions are not something I suffer from when a scent comes my way. 

Over to you. Are you on Team Scent or Team No Scent? Remember that there is no right or wrong with these polls. You are merely stating a preference and we can all live in stylish peace.