Some ladies feel restricted with their choice of clothing and accessory style because of their curly hair. For example, they are uncomfortable wearing certain patterns, textures, silhouettes, colours and accessories even though they would like to, because bolder outfit combinations clash with their curls. These lovely curly haired lasses are more comfortable wearing solids, neutrals, muted tones, subtle textures and dainty jewelry so that their curls can live in harmony with the rest of the outfit. 

I’ve never had curly hair, so I didn’t know that curly haired ladies could feel this way until I became a fashion stylist. I found it very interesting that some of my curly haired clients wouldn’t wear patterns with round shapes and design details like ruffles, polka dots, paisley, hoop earrings and flowers because, to their eye, those details competed with the curls. Others felt that their curls clashed with stripes, plaids and argyle. And others preferred to wear solid neutrals or very muted tones because their “wild hair” already attracted enough attention. 

On the other hand, I do have clients with extremely curly hair that wear it all. Bold patterns, brights, high contrasting colours, faux fur, ruffles, swirly patterns, ornate fabrications, and all sorts of statement necklaces and earrings feel completely right to them. 

I don’t think that you should feel restricted in your clothing and accessory choices when you have curly hair. To my eye, curly hair, no matter how extreme, works with everything. Yet, I also understand why some curly haired gals gravitate towards simple and solid neutral clothing. It has a calming affect that tames their hair, which makes them feel stylish and pulled together. 

At the end of the day how you dress your curls is a personal stylistic preference. There is no right or wrong. Curly haired ladies, do you ever feel restricted in your clothing and accessory choices because of your curls? Do some styles clash with your hair? Straight haired ladies, do you feel that curly hair can clash with certain colours, patterns, textures and styles of clothing and accessories?