You are on Team Tall Boot if you prefer to wear mid-calf, knee-high or taller boots. You are on Team Ankle Boot if you prefer to wear ankle boots and booties. 

Boots are my favourite type of footwear and in Seattle, I can almost wear them throughout the year. I have many pairs of flat and low heeled boots ranging from very short shooties and booties, to ankle lengths, mid-calf heights, knee-high and over the knee styles. I adore boots and my feet love them too. 

I enjoy wearing tall boots over jeans and with skirts or dresses. The combination is dramatic, practical, cozy and very comfortable. I also love to wear short boots and booties with trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses. Boots can create both a classic and fashion forward edge to your look. Some lasses say that there is nothing more fabulous than a killer pair of high heeled pumps, but I feel precisely that way about a killer pair of boots. Furthermore, if I need to wear a 12-hour or more walking shoe, boots are the way to go. I find some of my boots more comfortable than athletic shoes. 

I am hopelessly devoted to ALL my boots. I cannot choose between their lengths because they fulfill different needs and vibes. Some are classic, others are edgy. Some are dressy, others are casual. Some are essential for bad weather, while others are more decorative. Some are a fast “slip on and go”, while others take a while to fit over jeans. I have no choice but to sit this one out on the bench. 

Over to you. Are you on Team Tall Boot or Team Ankle Boot? Tell us why and no batting for both sides.