The days of tidy and in place being prerequisites for stylish hair are over. When unkempt hair is styled in just the right way, kind of like it was tousled in the wind, it actually looks quite good. Your style automatically looks more relaxed, and in many instances more cool. Kate Moss and Sienna Miller have perfected this look, even becoming style icons because of that unique aspect of their style. And more and more often we’re seeing models sport stylishly messy hair in photo shoots and fashion shows. 

I can absolutely appreciate a stylishly messy hairdo, but find that it’s extremely hard to pull off in real life without it actually looking unstylish. To my eye, messy hair often just looks unkempt instead of cute and cool.

You definitely need a magic touch to get this look right. A lot depends on the rest of your style, and whether a messy hairdo complements your look or takes away from it. I’ve found that curly hair and very short hair has a better chance of achieving a messy look in a fun and attractive way. A little youth on your side also helps.  

Over to you. What do you think of messy hair? Can it look stylish? Do you think that it’s easy to pull off? When does messy hair look fab, and when does it look drab?