You are on Team Make-Up if you like to browse through make-up counters and generally prefer make-up to accessories. You are on Team Accessory if you like to browse through accessory counters and generally prefer accessories to make-up.

For me, this an easy poll. You won’t catch me at a make-up counter unless I need to replenish my stock or take one of my clients shopping for a new make-up routine. VERY occasionally, I look into a new lipstick colour, but other than that, make-up counters do not hold my interest. I’ve never worn a smokey eye, and I’ve only sported eye shadow once (a garish blue and pink to a high school dance in 1987). However, I do wear a little make-up daily because I bat for Team Polished. 

You are much more likely to find me at the accessory counter. More specifically, the handbag counter. I am a bag lady. I LOVE handbags. I never tire of looking at them, and they totally complete my style. Although I have stripped my style of most accessories these days, I still love them. Without a doubt I am Team Accessory. 

Over to you. Are you Team Make-Up or Team Accessory? Tell us why and no batting for both Teams.