We definitely associate certain colours with particular seasons. Clean crisp mid-tones that resemble the first blossoming flowers  for Spring. White, blue and brights for sunny, beach-filled Summer days. Earthy browns, greens, mustards and burgundies that pick up pretty Autumn foliage. And black, grey, Winter white, and red for cold, wet Winter months. 

I don’t believe in seasonal colour rules. As long as the weight and texture of the fabrication is weather appropriate, I say wear any colour at any time of year. The more interesting question, though, is how we are affected by the association between the seasons and colours. Perhaps even subconsciously. Maybe we feel more stylish when our outfits reflect the colours that are associated with a season. Maybe seasonally appropriate colours lift our spirits. Or maybe they make no difference at all. 

I don’t think I’m affected much by seasonal colour associations. Black, grey, white, cream and brights like red, citron, fuschia and turquoise are represented throughout my 4-season wardrobe. No matter what the season, I feel like breaking out a bright colour after wearing neutrals for a few days in a row, and vice versa. 

That being said, I do tend to wear more black in Winter and more white in Summer. I have lots of black knitwear for when temperatures plummet, and lots of white shirts for when temperatures soar. I have a few brown items, mainly boots, belts and a ’70s leather jacket that I wear in Autumn and Spring. 

Over to you. Do you wear more or less of a particular colour as the seasons change? Or do you wear similar colours throughout the year?