We have fabulous news to share. We are officially welcoming Veteran member and long time YLF supporter Inge to the YLF Team. Inge will be helping out in several areas: coordinating YLF competitions, helping Greg with technical support, and acting as liaison with some of our partners. Most exciting of all, Inge will be running a new part of YLF that we are launching on Monday — our very own little online bookstore.

In YLF Books Inge will be curating a selection of books, movies and magazines covering all aspects of fashion and style. She has an impressive 17 years of experience in the editorial, marketing and printing side of the book business. She also works as an independent editor and book translator, and is currently building her new personal book shopping business. With Inge’s knowledge of publishing, passion for fashion and style, and understanding of the YLF message, there’s no-one better to manage YLF Books. She will be telling you all about it first thing on Monday morning.

Inge is Belgian and lives in Antwerp. You might remember that we had a ball with her in Brussels and Antwerp last year. Although Dutch is our mother tongue, Inge and I do most of our communication in English, throwing in the Dutch whenever we need to. Good thing Greg is pretty fluent in Dutch too!

Please join us in welcoming Inge to the YLF team!