I absolutely love the way that Chanel, Valentino, Moschino and Kate Spade style bows in their clothing, footwear and handbag collections. Their bows are sculptural and deliberate in a retro, yet modern way. The bow on my polka dot Lulu Guinness bag is a good example. I also adore pussy bows on soft blouses and dresses, and I like bow ties. 

I tend to dislike like bows when they have a juvenile or lingerie integrity, unless those types of bows are worn by children or are on underwear respectively. I also steer away from clothing that ties in the back with a bow. 

For the most part, I like sculptural bows that make a statement. I’ve noticed with my clientele and friends that I am in the minority here. Many of them think of bows as twee, prissy, fussy and overly-sweet. Some believe they add unnecessary bulk to their frame. So they end up bypassing items with any type of bow. 

There is no right and wrong here because it’s a stylistic preference, which is 100% subjective. How do you feel about bows? Like them, loathe them, can take them in small doses? Let’s hear it.

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