I thought this would be fun. If we look hard enough, I’m sure we’ll find both similarities and differences. I’ll go first.

Style Similarities

Hubby Greg and I both love to wear specs, a wedding ring, black turtle necks, flat black boots, trench coats, skinny jeans, distressed denim jackets, tailored blazers, wool coats, cropped leather jackets and closed footwear with comfy socks. We both bat for Team Less is More, preferring simple outfits as opposed to complex combinations. Greg, like me, also enjoys wearing a beautifully made un-tucked woven shirt and scrunching the sleeves. In colder weather we are often “samies”, wearing our flat black boots with skinny jeans, black turtle neck and cropped leather jacket. Sometimes we both end up wearing our Docs and look like twins. Last but not least, we both have very short hair. 

Style Differences

Clearly, there are many similarities between my style and Greg’s. But there are also many differences. I love my watches and pearls and Greg bats for Team Phone and wears no accessories. I like to wear bright colours, white, cream and high contrasting neutrals, whereas Greg co-captains the Black Brigade with dark grey and blue thrown into the mix. Very occasionally he will throw in dark purple and deep blue red. Greg bats for Team Knit Top whereas I am woven all the way. Greg also bats for Team Fitted whereas I like to wear voluminous dresses and billowing blouses just as much as tailored items. Of course, I tend to look dressier than Greg most of the time.

Over to you. What are the similarities and differences between you and your partner’s style? If you aren’t currently in a relationship, describe the style of your ideal partner.