I often take my clients to Ann Taylor for five reasons: stellar quality, good fit, attractive merchandise, clean lines, and super discounts. Frequently, you can find an Ann Taylor discount coupon online or receive one in the post, AND they have great sales. 

Yes, Ann Taylor merchandise is fairly classic and careerwear takes up a huge chunk of their store floor. This handwriting should not necessarily deter you from browsing their items if that’s not your look. Believe it or not, client Bei-Jing with her bold, trendy and dramatic style adores Ann Taylor. We shop together once or twice a season and at least a third of Bei-Jing’s wardrobe comes from AT. And that’s because it’s not just about the style of an item, but HOW you wear it. 

Important guideline: Trendy items look sensational when they are grounded with the clean lines of classic items. Conversely, classic items become spunky when you add in a fashion forward support act.

My clients and I are especially enjoying what’s in Ann Taylor stores at the moment. Click through the styles and colour options for my top picks of their first Fall inputs: 

  • Asymmetrical Drape Top: It looks particularly good in purple and black. Something that will take you from desk to dinner.
  • Pleat Placket Shirt: Classic and tailored, and thank heavens sans ruffles. No camisole required and great on a hot day.
  • Pocket Top:I didn’t think that this top would look smashing. My client wore this with black cigarette pants and heels and looked amazing. It has a cool cargo pocket and a slightly longer back hemline. I really like the sleeves. 
  • Ballet Neck Top: This tee has a low-ish scooped back so be warned. It’s an amazing basic in a good quality knit over an assortment of colours. Great sleeve length. Super on it’s own or as a layering piece.   
  • Crossover Halter Top: I bought this baby in three colours last week and have already worn them all. That’s how STARVED I am of nicely made and flattering garments with high necklines. I do not wear knitted tops, but this top made it through my style filter. I pop in my bra strapper and it’s perfect worn on it’s own or under a jacket. I love the drape and length. In fact, I’m wearing the red right now! It’s also available in a neutral pattern
  • Striped Crossover Top: If you like to wear mock wrap tops, this one is worth a bash because it’s very flattering. I enjoyed wearing it back to front. 
  • Stretch Slim Pants: Wow. Give these a try if you are curvy. Chances are high they will fit quite well.
  • Denim Pencil Skirt: A nice little basic with good length and stretch. You might need to size down. 
  • Chic Shirt Dress: My curvy client launched me into orbit when she filled out this frock to perfection. And it’s not clingy either. Wear the neckline open for the best effect. The ink blue colour is delicious.   
  • Circles Pendant: Different! The layered chain effect is interesting. Comes in both metals.

Gone are the days when we copy a retail mannequin’s look from head to toe. Look at an item and think about how it could fit into your outfit, as a support act to the elements that define your personal style. “Fashion unites us, but style sets us apart”. There is such truth in these words. Allow a classic retailer like Ann Taylor to unite us, but wear the items YOUR way.