If you tend to wear an item shortly after you’ve bought it, you are on Team Wear. If you tend to leave an item with the tags attached for a while before wearing it, you are on Team Save.

You’re probably on team wear if you tend to wear all your wardrobe items frequently. If you tend to save some of your clothes either for certain occasions or because you worry that they’ll get messed up, you are probably on Team Save.

Oh goodness, I am so on Team Wear. I can leave a store wearing my new item! Or wear it out that evening, or the next day. I can’t wait to wear a new wardrobe item and have to break it in as soon as possible. I am usually a little frustrated when the weather doesn’t co-operate with my new purchases. For example, my new Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases that require colder weather. Or when I purchase a pretty Spring blouse and it takes forever to warm up here in Seattle.

Apart from formal attire, I also do not save my wardrobe items for special occasions. By Seattle standards I am often dressed up, and that’s the way I like it. My wardrobe items are there to be enjoyed as much as possible¬†and by George I am wearing them.

Over to you. Are you on Team Save or on Team Wear?