Forum member Taylor used the word “Jingly” as one of the five adjectives that describe her style. Each day, Taylor wears bracelets that “jingle”, which are very much part of her signature style, both visually and audibly.

This got me thinking about the sound of our styles. I very seldom wear bracelets but when I do, they aren’t the type that jingle and clatter when they move. I don’t often wear the style of heel that makes a delightful clicking sound as you stride. I don’t regularly wear dresses and skirts that make a swooshing noise, only for formal occasions.

But my style does have sound. I am a very fast walker and my long strides are hard, heavy and deliberate. I am NOT light on my feet, and I wear comfortable shoes that allow me to rush around and get things done. Greg says that he can always hear me stomping around and that I am incapable of walking quietly. Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp! And when the floors are wooden, the sound of my style is even louder. It’s a good thing I remove my shoes at home and wear soft slippers.

The sound of my style isn’t charming like the jingle of Taylor’s bracelets, but it’s a sound all the same. Over to you. What is the sound of your style?