Seattle is full of people wearing TOMS classic canvas slip-on shoes. Men and women of all ages, teens and kids wear this ped with pride in all sorts of casual settings. So I started to wonder why.

First, I needed to fit them on my feet. I find them quite comfortable, although they run half a size small and are very flat. They offer zero foot support, but you could definitely insert an orthotic to solve that problem. They look a lot like an espadrille and are as light as a feather. To me, they are the Summer version of Converse sneakers, which makes them a very easy and relaxed footwear option.

The classic slip-on seems quite pricey for $44 to $54. But I read about their “One for One Movement”, which has made a lasting impression. TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need with every pair that you purchase. So think of your money going to a very worthwhile cause.

I’m not particularly enamored by TOMS styles, but I am taken with their commitment to put shoes on the feet of needy kids. I’d purchase a pair of classic slip-ons for a beach holiday just so that I could support their movement.

Over to you. Do you see people wearing TOMS in your neck of the woods? How does their classic slip-on grab you? Would you wear any of their other styles?