For years I wore either blue or green toenail polish. Very occasionally, I’d sport a pearly white. I have only ever painted my toes bright red once, which is surprising because bright tomato red is one of my favourite colours. I have never painted my toes any shade of orange, coral, pink, purple or brown.

This year I’ve ditched the blue and green and switched to pearly white because of my new peep toe booties. It’s not at all a must, but I like the effect of low contrast toenail polish with these shoes. And because I do not enjoy pedicures, I must make my toe nail polish a versatile colour that lasts a little longer. Pearly white nail polish is very “chip-friendly”.

Over to you. Do you paint your toenails? If so, what colour toenail polish do you use? Do you like to match your toe nail polish to a particular shoe or clothing item?