To clarify, rompers are like jumpsuits with very short pant lengths. The pants portion on jumpsuits finish between the knee and ankle, or are normal trouser length; whereas the pants part on rompers are mid-thigh or shorter.

I swore I would never wear a jumpsuit again. But after seeing them look utterly fabulous at Fashion Week in September last year, I changed my mind and I am still trying to find one that suits my style. And there you have it. I am Team Jumpsuit because I don’t wear short shorts, and prefer more leg coverage.

I know, I know. Many of you are on Team Neither for this one, but just for fun, I’d love to hear your batting preference. If you had to choose because your life depended on it, are you batting for Team Jumpsuit or Team Romper? ┬áTell us why and no batting for both sides.