You know exactly what I mean. You see a wardrobe item that pulls at your heart strings because, for several reasons, it’s “so you”. Conversely, you see an item that leaves you cold because it’s “not you”. Obviously the former has a better chance of making it into your wardrobe.

It’s good to have strong style preferences because that will give you a focused shopping process and a strong signature style.┬áBut I’m going to stick up for the other side too.┬áThere is something to be said for purchasing items that don’t initially look like they would suit your current style. Why? Because every so often you hit a gem that opens up a new unexplored style direction. It might even be the impetus for the next leg of your style journey.

This has happened to me many times is quite significant ways. For 25 years I refused to wear gold jewelry or hardware. Although still uncomfortable with sporting anything gold at the time, falling in love with a red Valentino handbag with gold hardware changed my mindset. It opened up the gold door. Now, I can’t believe that I’ve missed out on wearing both silver AND gold metal for most of my life. I have catching up to do.

More recently, I tried Karen Kane’s beaded smock neck top (a casual bohemian peasant blouse). Ordinarily, this type of style would have been firmly in the “it’s not you” category. But the silk content, colour and beaded integrity of the blouse captured my interest. So I tried it. And now it’s a favourite, and it was our readerships’ favourite too. If I had left the blouse filed under “it’s not you”, I’d have missed out on an entirely new and refreshing aspect to my style.

So ladies, next time an item “isn’t you”, consider that it might be worth your while to try it on anyway. This doesn’t mean trying on everything that doesn’t make it through your style filter. Just force yourself to experiment and try to keep an open mind as you do so.

Each season is an opportunity to try new things and redefine your style. Never stop experimenting with fashion and style. Never stop having fun in the process.