Flat oxfords with laces have been around for a while and I LOVE the trend. More recently, the laceless variety has popped up in stores and I am equally enamored with that incarnation. It’s an easy shoe to slip on and off.

I like the look of flat oxfords best without visible socks (secret socks and hosiery are great options). Perhaps this only makes sense to me, but flat oxfords (with or without laces) lose a bit of their arty and spunky edge when worn with visible socks. That being said, I have seen them worn with shorts/dresses/skirts and low contrasting knee-high socks or baggy shuffle socks. This combination can look adorable when the components of the outfit are just so. It’s hard to get right though.

I’ve had all these styles on my feet and my clients’ feet. They are all reasonably comfy and look super fab. I bat for Team Flats and vote yay, yay, yay to laceless flat oxfords. What’s your verdict?