Here in Seattle where it’s seldom hot, many people break out their sandals in chilly weather. On a sunny Spring day last week, it reached a daytime high of 55° Fahrenheit (13° Centigrade) and there was a sandal epidemic on the streets of Seattle. I was wearing boots and socks.

I run very, very cold, and I can’t tolerate even remotely cold feet. It needs to be above 75° (24° C) for me to wear closed-toe sling back wedges and above 80° (27° C) before I will even consider wearing sandals. And actually, I can comfortably wear ballet flats and pumps up to 90° (32° C), especially if the heat is dry and not humid.

So I can live through a whole Seattle Summer without wearing sandals. That’s why I have a large collection of boots. I do realize though, that most people break out their sandals long before I would, and very few people prefer to wear closed footwear with socks.

Over to you. When do you break out your sandals?