In this poll I’m asking you to pick your team based on which one you find easier to shop for.

I’m on Team Bottoms. I find shopping for bottoms much easier than shopping for tops and here’s why. I prefer to wear woven blouses, button down shirts and sweaters (pullovers and turtlenecks) as opposed to knit tops, T’s and cardigans – so that already rules out quite a lot. I also adore wearing high necklines – another tall order in a retail world full of V-necks and scoop necks. I wear a small size but have long arms, which makes long sleeved items a tricky business. My dainty shoulder line is hard to fit and petite sized clothing does not work for my height. So there you go. I am Team Bottom all the way. I can find 10 beautifully fitting pairs of pants or skirts in one day, but it could take me a year to find 10 killer tops.

Over to you. Are you on Team Tops or Team Bottoms? Tell us why it’s easier to shop for either tops or bottoms. Sorry ladies, no batting for teams.