This article came through my twitter feed via famous fashion and style journalist, Hilary Alexander. The visuals are hilarious so be sure to take a look when you have a moment.

Here’s the list with my feelings on each item. I wholeheartedly agree with five of them while the others are debatable.

  1. Flip flops: Absolutely when we’re talking about the cheap as chips rubbery kind of flip flop. Nice leather thong sandals are decent though.
  2. Low cut T-shirts: Yup. Not a fan.
  3. Snazzy Jeans: I disagree with this one. I adore blokes in snazzy and eccentrically styled jeans. When worn right, and in the right size, snazzy jeans are a compete hit in my book.
  4. Vests: This refers to sleeveless tank tops. I don’t love the look but I don’t hate it either.
  5. Double Earrings/Dangly earrings: I like certain men with double and single studded earrings (like Marc Jacobs), but I do draw the line at dangly.
  6. Boots over jeans: No way. This can be a fabulous look when pulled together with edge and forethought. Guys in Hong Kong, Milan and Paris look sensational with jeans tucked into boots.
  7. Short shorts: I do tend to prefer blokes in long shorts.
  8. Ugg Boots: Agreed.
  9. Short Sleeved Shirts: Big, long and baggy is awful. But a well cut short sleeved button down shirt can look amazing. Short sleeved shirts by Ben Sherman, Mark Ecco, Hugo Boss and H&M are usually fab. I do prefer men in rolled up long sleeved shirts, but short sleeved shirts can also rock.
  10. Leather trousers: Nah. Duran Duran wears leather trousers. Enough said.

I’m going to add to the list:

  • Sloppy T-shirts: Worn out, stretched out and stained. This is my number one pet hate in a man’s wardrobe.
  • Too-tight bottoms: Trousers, jeans and shorts should NOT be overly snug around the crotch area, especially on a bloke. I don’t want to see those curves.

Over to you. Do you agree with the original list and what would you add? Of course, we are not interested in what men hate about our wardrobes.