Footwear with hole-y uppers are becoming more popular. I remember having my first pair of white perforated flat oxfords in the 80’s, which I wore until they disintegrated and then bought another pair. Over the years I’ve also worn perforated clogs and ballet flats.  At the moment I have two pairs of wedged sling back sandals which are kind of perforated on the toe-box. I guess, technically speaking, the toe boxes are lazer cut, but there are intentionally designed holes in the upper part of the shoes all the same.

I like perforated and lazer cut footwear, from sandals right through to boots, so I vote yay. The effect is pretty, interesting and texture rich. Sometimes the perforated parts are backed by another layer of leather. Or the leather isn’t backed and you can see foot skin peeking through the holes of the shoes. I like the styles that allow skin to peek through just a wee bit more.

Over to you. Would you wear a perforated or lazer cut footwear?

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