If you had to choose one colour that’s your absolute worst, either on your own skin colour or just in general – what would it be? I’m going with soul-sucking beige. The description of this colour by one of our forum members as “soul-sucking” has stuck in my brain because it’s SO spot on. Soul-sucking beige is not ivory, tan or camel, but a far less rich shade of light-ish beige that has a cold grey tinge to it.

That being said, soul-sucking beige can occasionally look nice on a dark skin tone, or when the fabric is textured, shiny or iridescent, or when it’s worn together with a high contrasting colour like black. But for the most part I think beige looks lifeless and flat against most skin tones. I look worse than death warmed up when I wear soul-sucking beige.

Of course, this is a very subjective opinion. I also know people who like this shade of beige! It’s fun to hear your views on the subject so over to you. What’s your worst colour in the world?