Until about a year ago I was on Team Premium Denim 100%. When I wore jeans I only wore premium denim. I love the fit, quality, length and durability and a result am happy to pay premium price. But the Gap introduced a fabulous new line of jeans covering all silhouettes, washes and lengths, so I’ve been wearing a few non-premium denim jeans over the last six months (like Gaps legging jeans and Long & Lean flares). And I love those jeans just as much as my premium denim jeans.

But I’m still on Team Premium Denim because I have more of those brands represented in my wardrobe. I Wear 7 for all Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, Diesel, AG, David Kahn and J.Brand premium denim. Unless a brand new silhouette comes out that my style can’t live without, I shan’t be adding any more premium denim to my collection. I have PLENTY of jeans and am wearing them less frequently too.

Over to you. Are you Team Premium or Team Non Premium Denim. You can’t bat for both Teams but you can sit the game out on the bench if you can’t pick a side.