Now that flared leg jeans and trousers are all the rage for 2011, there has been apprehensive talk on our forum about whether skinnies and straight legs have become passé – especially from members who have only recently embraced the look. From my point of view, absolutely not. And here’s why:

  • Slim cut jeans and trouser legs are basic mainstream silhouettes, and mainstream silhouettes do not die over night. Remember that bootcuts stayed mainstream when tapered legs took centre stage!
  • NY Fashion Week 2011 showed as many tapered leg silhouettes as flared legs. The two styles live harmoniously side by side so that there is something for everyone. Love that.
  • Even if designers stopped showing skinnies and straight legs all together, fashion buyers would keep on putting them in retail stores because consumers would buy them. Skinnies sell because they are extremely practical and easy to wear with boots in bad weather. Fashion Magazines told us that leggings were a fad. Well, here we are five years later and they are stronger than ever because the public took a liking to the silhouette. The trend continues.

So when Vogue and Elle tell you that skinnies and straight legs are dated, for what it’s worth, I’m telling you that they are not. I think the more important question is – how soon will wide leg jeans and bellbottoms look passé?