I have a 70 year old client who rocks my style world. She’s about 5′ 8″ with short black hair and mesmerizing light green eyes and fair skin. Her pretty body is pear shaped, short-waisted and a size 8 or 10. She adores Ralph Lauren, jewel tones and sleek lines.

This is one of the relaxed outfits we put together last week. My client loves the look because it’s casual yet polished, comfy yet tailored, colourful yet clean. And above all flattering, versatile and appropriate. It can take her from running errands in the morning, to lunch with a friend in the afternoon, and right back to babysitting grandkids at night.

Apart from the scarf, which is similar in colour and shape to the one we chose, the rest of the items shown are the exact same items that we used in my client’s ensemble.

We layered a camisole under a shawl collared knit top and topped it off with an unbuttoned purple boyfriend cardigan. We tucked a dark pair of Gap Real Straight Jeans into a pair of  impeccable flat Via Spiga riding boots (weather proofed with spray). We accessorized with a soft voluminous printed scarf and kept the knot vertical to accentuate a long lean line. To finish, we added arty silver earrings and bracelet, a black patent satchel, and structured trench coat plus umbrella to combat the elements.

The tunic length of the boyfriend cardigan, worn open with a long elongating scarf, helps my client feel less exposed around the hip and thigh area once the trench comes off. Tucking jeans into boots helps ground the outfit. The low colour contrast between the top and bottom makes my client feel pulled together and chic. Of course, high contrasting colours are chic too, but this client prefers low contrasts. The green in the scarf brings out the green in her eyes.

The outfit is fabulously modern classic, simply stylish, and ever so practical for a wet and cold climate.

The most interesting thing of all is that it looks great on my 70 year old client, I would wear it at 40, and so would a classic 25 year old lass. Versatility at its best.

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