There was a time when it was considered rude to wear a hat indoors. These days, things have definitely relaxed on this front.

I’m generally fine with people wearing hats indoors, but there are settings where I find it a little off putting. Context is all important. A bloke having a drink at a casual bar in his baseball cap is okay in my book. A lass who wears a cute wool beret in a casual office environment is also good. Wearing hats while you’ll doing errands, shopping, or out for casual lunch is also not a problem. I also don’t mind theatrical hats worn by those with dramatic style at large indoor functions.

But when you visit our home – hats off please. When you’re having fancy dinner at a restaurant – hats off please. In a formal professional environment – hats off please.

I guess I equate hat wearing with out and about hustle and bustle. Sometimes you’re inside, sometimes you’re outside and keeping hats on during the course of the day is completely acceptable. But I like to see hats removed when you settle into a quiet or formal environment where you will spend a few hours.

What’s your view on hat etiquette? Is there really a right and wrong here? Should hat wearers remove their hats when indoors?