Sequin jackets make me think of retro 40’s glamour and 70’s disco fun. The versatile item rears its shimmery head almost every party season and this year they are more popular than ever. Depending on HOW you pair the item, a sequin jacket can be worn in both classic and edgy ways across all age groups – that’s why they are offered across a wide range of retailers like H&M, Charlotte Russe and Target, right through to J.Crew, Macys, Nordstrom, Saks and Chanel.

Here are several ways to dress up or dress down a sequin jacket. They are roughly ordered by increasing dressiness, but of course the shoes and accessories will also play a big role.

  • Wear it with moto cross leggings and a soft blouse.
  • Throw it over a pair of baggy shorts and boots if you dare.
  • Match it with a basic fitted tee, jeans and heels.
  • Add it to a pair of baggy tuxedo trousers and lacy shell top.
  • Combine it with skinny black pants, boots cut trousers, soft slouchy pleated pants or velveteen straight leg pants.
  • Wear it over a plain black pencil skirt and silky camisole.
  • Layer it over a party frock.
  • Combine it with a lace skirt.

Sequin jackets come in all shades so think beyond black if that’s not your colour. Grey, silver, gold, bronze, brown, midnight blue or a shade of pastel pink can look just as fab. The silhouettes will vary too, from cropped fitted styles, to longer boyfriend cuts – all are great depending on your preference.

Since a sequin jacket is like wearing one big sparkly accessory, keep your jewelry to a minimum and opt for matte pieces to contrast with the shine. In true 70’s style a long chain with statement pendant works well with the look. I quite like the contrasting combination of a distressed belt against a background of shimmer as seen in the picture below.

Although I fancy the look of sequin jackets on others, I’m more of a tuxedo jacket and Chanel jacket gal. So I’d wear a more subtle sequined jacket, like the eyelash fringe bouclé jacket in the YLF store. That way I can still pile on my pearls without looking like a Christmas tree.

One thing is for sure, you’ll make a dramatic entrance in one of these sparkly toppers no matter how you wear it. Think you’d sport a sequin jacket? If not, can you appreciate the look on others?