Often people resist the purchase of a military-inspired item in fear of it looking dated too quickly. But I don’t think military items go out of style. At the moment they happen to be trending, which is why there are military style coats and jackets everywhere. Rest assured you’ll look just as fab wearing them several years down the line as you do now.

There’s something classic and timeless about the military look, which is why it’s available at least in small doses each season. Some items are dramatically military, whereas others have more subtle inspiration. If you are worried about the item becoming dated, opt for subtle military detailing instead of something overly recognizable.

I have a few several-year-old military jackets and coats that come out to play every season. I might refresh their look by remixing outfit combinations and accessories, but I never stop wearing my military jackets. They might not always be in fashion, but they are always in style.