I highly recommend that you watch the television series “Mad Men” if you love glamorous 50’s and 60’s fashion. To say that the style quotient is dazzling is an understatement. I savour every detail of every outfit for both the women AND the men.

So the big question is how did we go from the dressy fashion era on Mad Men to an overly casual world of jeans, tees, sweats, sneakers, flip flops and Uggs today? It’s only been  50 years. Why did dress codes relax? Is it just that people are more comfortable, and therefore productive, in casual clothing? If so, the fashion and style world has gone to great lengths to make us happy.

It certainly isn’t about expense. Today’s branded casual attire is every bit as expensive as the more formal alternatives of the mid twentieth century, perhaps even more so.

Well, I’m not happy. Oh how I wish we still lived in a dressy world of style. Although I love wearing jeans I’d welcome the drama of more formal dress codes. Dressing is even more fun when you can dress up. At least I think so.