I hope this does not sound like I am dreadfully ungrateful. Obviously, like you, I appreciate ALL compliments. But some compliments do affect me more than others.

I hold a compliment from hubby Greg in the highest regard of all. I think that’s because I respect his style eye implicitly, AND he’s my soul mate. Greg also dishes out his compliments fairly sparingly so when I receive one its extra special.

When I receive compliments from people who I perceive to be well dressed and stylish, I’m especially tickled too – like from the YLF readership and its forum members!

I love receiving compliments from my clients because it makes me feel like I practice what I preach. It also confirms the level of trust between us.

I also thoroughly enjoy a compliment from my precious 78 year old Dad. He enjoys good quality items, bright colours and a lass who wears dresses and skirts. It’s just priceless when he takes the trouble to extend a compliment since he takes zero interest in fashion.

Over to you. Do some compliments mean more to you than others? If so, whose compliments about your style do you value the most?