Sally’s thoughts on why she loved to be back home after a recent trip to Iceland really, really resonated with me. Greg and I travel frequently and the main reason I love coming back home is because I miss Yorkies Rosie and Jasmine terribly. My heart aches for them when we are away and reuniting with them gives me a whole new lease on life. I miss our comfy bed, fab bathroom and snack cupboard too.

I also miss the wardrobe items I left behind. I don’t like to travel light and wholeheartedly believe in using my entire luggage allowance. So I pack plenty of clothes, shoes and footwear for our trip – but there is nothing like having full access to ALL your wardrobe items each day. I think I miss my handbags the most. I prefer to swap out my bag daily and being restricted to a few bags for a fortnight cramps my style a bit. I also miss my shoes and boots because I never seem to pack enough of them.

Conversely, while I miss the wardrobe items I left behind, I’m also a little sick of the items I took along by the time I get back home. In order to fall in love with them again, I need to leave them in the closet for a while. Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

What do you miss when you travel?