The “sit-down test” is a no-brainer for skirts and dresses because the length tends to creep up shorter when we sit down, and even shorter when we cross our legs.

I’ve found that the same sit-down test is also necessary with fairly form fitting clothes that button through, like blouses, shirts, shirt dresses, skirts and even certain jacket styles. Sometimes a button through item fits perfectly when we stand up straight or walk around, but not well at all when we’re seated. Hello gaps!

Our weight is distributed differently when we sit and this makes button through items fit differently. Sometimes we can remedy the situation by sewing in small press studs between the button fastenings. At other times we have to size up, or look for an alternative style.

Button through items gape less when the spaces between the button fastenings are small. It’s when they’re large that those dreaded gaps appear. So remember to prevent gape-itis by doing the sit-down test for all button through items before you make the purchase.