Almost 2 weeks ago my hair stylist, who I adore, cut my pixie do shorter than usual. This was not planned. It just sort of happened. I left the hair salon feeling a little like a Star Trek Vulcan, my fringe a good inch inch shorter than the last bang trim. That’s a short fringe on my already super short hair and I wasn’t used to it.

I walked in the door and to my amazement Greg loved the super short crop because it was more edgy and mod-looking than usual. Although I also liked the shorter do, I didn’t feel it was as attractive as when my hair is a tad longer in the same style. It’s softer and less severe that way.

Surprisingly, the severity of the extra short fringe started growing on me over the next couple of days. Now it’s almost two weeks later and I love the shorter layers now that they have grown a bit and relaxed into shape.

Thank goodness hair grows and bless Greg for being complimentary straight off the bat. Positive feedback and two weeks grace did the trick. Sound familiar?